Level 2 Performance Series Power Cord

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Level 2 Performance Series Power Cord is our eye opening triple 11 gauge "mid-level" power cord. This cord provides the best possible performance to cost ratio. It is free of colorations, and really opens up the music and dynamics.


Level 2 Highlights:

  • Only $230 for 3 foot and 5 foot lengths
  • 7 foot and 9 foot lengths available
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • 60 day upgrade option
  • Oxygen Free Copper wires with impurities reduced down to 5 parts per million
  • 12 square mm of Copper (cable's total cross sectional area) = three #11 AWG build
  • Integrated noise filtering technology
  • Proprietary Oxygen Free Solid Copper plugs
  • Best possible performance to cost ratio
  • The middle "sweet spot" of our three performance levels
  • Easy to bend into shape making them highly manageable
  • Made in USA (one at a time in Lake Elmo MN)


Wall Plug Options:

  • North American wall plug comes standard
  • Schuko wall plug is optional (click on above image thumbnails to view)


IEC Plug Options:

  • 15 Amp IEC plug comes standard (fits most audio components)
  • 20 Amp IEC plug is optional (click on above image thumbnails to view)


A Power Cord can Improve a Component's Sound if it Can:

  1. Provide an unrestricted source of power into the audio component
  2. Restrict the amount of noise on the power mains from getting into the audio component
  3. Provide a fast path for noise generated in the power supply to get out of the audio component

Each of the many wire strands used to hand build an AntiCable Power Cord is drawn in a way that forms the wire into a cross sectional molecular shape which allows noise coming from the component's power supply to quickly escape the component on the skin of each wire strand. In doing so, the AntiCable Power Cords help to keep the component's own power supply noise from contaminating the music.

This processed wire also has the great advantage of time smearing any noise traveling in the wire in the opposite direction, thus reducing the amplitude of noise getting into the audio component from the wall outlet.

Our customers, who are already running third party upgraded power cords as well as power conditioners, are reporting getting better sound, not only by replacing their existing power cords but also by bypassing their power conditioner altogether. The AntiCable Power Cords appear to be so good at restricting the flow of noise from the wall outlet, that the power conditioner is not additionally beneficial. And, when the AntiCable Power Cord is plugged directly into the wall, it has the ability to do a better job of getting the noise out of the component's own power supply, as well as doing a better job at providing unrestricted power to the unit. In most instances, best sound is achieved with a direct connection to the wall outlet.


Sound Improvements Typically Heard Include:

  • Greater dynamics
  • Darker background
  • Sounds "more natural"
  • Greater bass extension
  • More tuneful bass
  • Greater high frequency extension
  • Less high frequency electronic signatures
  • Digital sources will sound much more analog like
  • Much more resolving of music information
  • More relaxing
  • Deeper soundstage

Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 AntiCable Power Cords provide all these sonic improvements, but to an even greater and greater extent as you move up the levels.

We believe the AntiCable power cords are capable of sonic improvements that can be described as "system changing". For example: When listening to music for enjoyment, we changed from listening to 80% analog (vinyl), to listening to 80% digital after adding a Level 3 AntiCable Power Cord to our reference CD player. This then created motivation to improve our analog source which now equals or betters the digital source, (but it took a $6,500 upgrade to do so).


Quantifying and Comparing Sound Improvement:

One of the most difficult questions to answer is how do the power cords sound, and how do they compare to each other and to other offerings. All three AntiCable Power Cord levels and two other well known and well designed after market power cables were compared in three different systems against the stock power cords. Below is a rough average of how they scored on a scale of 1 to 10. Our best advice is to buy the best scoring power cable that is within your system's budget.

  • Free stock power cord scored 2.5
  • $700 Shunyata Research scored 5.5
  • $180 Level 1 AntiCable scored 6.5
  • $600 LessLoss Audio scored 7.0
  • $230 Level 2 AntiCable scored 8.0
  • $330 Level 3 AntiCable scored 9.5

Customers who are interested in doing this comparison themselves should contact us. We are willing to loan out any of these power cords for 30 days after securing their retail price.


Where to use AntiCable Power Cords:

Since it is improbable that one would fully dive into investing in AntiCable Power Cords for every component in a system, the natural question is how to best invest progressively in AntiCable Power Cords. For the most cost effective strategy, we recommend this priority list:

  1. Source (CD player, DAC, and phono preamplifier)
  2. Digital transport
  3. Power Amplifiers
  4. Preamplifier
  5. Turntable Motor Supply


Design process:

The design process of the AntiCable Power Cords involved first developing the best power cord possible, which became the Level 3 Reference Series Power Cord. Time was then spent researching ways to reduce the material and labor costs while maintaining an offering that could still stand on its own and still out perform the competition at its price point.

The Level 2 Performance Series Power Cords use the same proprietary solid copper AC Wall Plugs and IEC Inlet Plugs, but less AntiCable power cord wire strands per connection. The goal is achieved and the Level 2 AntiCable Power Cords prove to be a very well balanced and natural sounding middle offering. Like its big brother, the Level 2 cord is constructed with nothing but high purity oxygen free solid Copper from end to end. No solder is used. No platings are used.

The Level 1 AntiCable Power Cords use the same technology but with even less AntiCable power cord wire strands per connection. In doing so, the tonality starts to tip toward "lean". To compensate for this tonality shift, the AC Wall Plug's and IEC Inlet Plug's "Hot" and "Neutral" contacts are Gold plated which tends to fatten up the bass. The "Ground" plug is Rhodium plated to keep the Gold colorations from becoming too prominent and helps liven up the sound, without causing too much brightness to the music. Plating the solid Copper plug contacts lessens the power cord's ability to resolve low level musical information, but getting the tonality correct at this price point is more important.


A Few Real Testimonials:

Proud Owner of AntiCables In Kauai:

"I have been using your AntiCables in my stereo system for three days now and I must say I can't wait to give you my impressions. I am totally stunned. The improvement in the sound is breathtaking. Bass is tight and well extended and now I can hear deeper into its wide soundstage. The most enjoyable moment is listening music with stunning clarity and treble so smooth and well extended. Every instrument playing is noticeably clear and natural. Although, I had some doubts the first time I heard your cables, I admit they are stunning and love them so much."

"Thank you for the quick delivery of your Level 2 power cord and Level 2 speaker wires. Great service!!"

Rod Madamba, HI




"Your speaker wire is amazing. Thank you again, and the (Level 2) power cords are stellar as well. Looking forward to the delivery of the 3 more I bought."

Tim Sutherland, IL




"Thank you for making me these great power cords and letting me hear all 3 new levels. I heard your early experiments with cords just over a year ago and have been waiting for your fully resolved cords since that time."

"After listening again all of last evening, I'd like you to know the result is defiantly worth the wait. Listening to both LP's and computer music I am very impressed with several significant improvements in what I'm hearing since we installed your "Level 3" power cords. I am also intrigued how your three grades of cords build on lessons learned during your design process."

"The "Level 1" cord, powering my DAC, offered a very nice improvement in tonal correctness, it seemed to clarify harmony and really helped recorded piano sound more alive."

"Your "Level 2" cord further improved resolution and detail dramatically. The new details I was hearing in some very familiar recordings was amazing, Art Pepper's sax truly sounds like a reed vibrating in the throat of a horn."

"When we installed the "Level 3" cord, I heard all of the improvements in tonal rightness and detail resolution. I also heard articulation of bass notes as never before in my system."

"So last evening nothing has been putzed in twenty four hours and everything is warm. I now have four of your "Level 3" cords feeding my turntable, phono stage, DAC and integrated 845 tube amp. Half way through the evening, I was in audiophile heaven. The spacial cue's were way better than I had ever heard in my system. The sound stage began in a line between my speakers and stretched into the back yard. Articulation of bass notes is wonderful, air between musicians seemed clearer and I had lost none of the resolution and tonal improvements. I'll like to have you over when they have broken in. Best Regards,"

Dan Cramer, MN


Upgrade Paths:

For $100 more, the Level 3 AntiCable Reference Series Power Cable uses twice as much AntiCable Power Cord Copper Wire which  provides the ultimate in dynamics, black dark background, naturalness, bass extension, bass tunefulness, high frequency extension, minimal high frequency electronic signatures, analog sounding digital, greatest resolution of music information creating a more relaxing experience with a deeper soundstage. Scroll up to the gray box and click the right arrow button once, and once again.


Upgrade Option:

Within 60 days of purchase, if you like your AntiCable power cord so much you want to hear how good the highest level will sound, we will give you full credit towards an equal or longer length Level 3 Power Cord.