Cable Elevators

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Cable Elevators are a classic audiophile upgrade which will work on any surface from carpet to concrete.  By moving cables away from surrounding surfaces the negative dielectric field interaction is completely removed, preserving the delicate audio signal's purity.  

  • Reduce harmful effects of floor-borne vibrations
  • Improve dielectric field constant by isolating cables
  • Facilitate proper organization of audio cables.
  • Minimize unwanted interaction between power and signal cables.   
  • Dimensions:  4.75" diameter  3.75" tall
  • Weight: 3 lbs each
  • Sold in sets of 8
  • Color: Black and Light Gray (top/bottom)
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee* (Buyer is responsible for shipping charges)
  • Please Note: Free Shipping does NOT apply to this product due to weight/size.
"The damn things do lower noise, increase dynamics, remove haze, and open up the top octaves. Once you listen to their effects, even a skeptic like me has to admit that it is hard to take them back out of the system. Music sounds more like music with the Cable Elevators in place. I recommend them strongly, especially given their price!"
- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Editor's Choice Award Winners