Jim Saxon's review from soundstageav.com

“Nothing I threw at the gorgeous Leviathan uncovered a flaw. It passed the Gary Karr bass test and the Aaron Neville texture test with Grade-A scores. On Schubert for Two, Gil Shaham close-miked violin needs increasing power in the midrange a

t the same time Göran Söllscher’s more distant guitar requires subtle low-level control. The Leviathan not only handled the violin robust highs and the guitar suave trail-off, it also captured each instrument’s woody resonance. This ability to fill out the sound of an instrument is a virtue of tube amplifiers that few transistor amps have matched in my system. The volumetric sizes of pianos, cellos, and acoustic guitars are audibly defined on good recordings, with which I can separate amp pretenders from contenders. As the least transistor-sounding solid-state amplifier I have had in my system, the Red Dragon Leviathan is a leading contender for the title of Best All-Around A…Their soundstage was hugely hemispherical, and their frequency response was whole-cloth, with no holes or rolloffs. Their tonal balance was as my partnering tube components decreed: rich but honest…mplifier. Classical music fans, especially, should love it…Meanwhile, I feel confident in saying that in order to experience the full potential of ICEpower, you must audition Red Dragon Audio’s Leviathan. Anyone looking to purchase a magnificent amplifier of any kind should do the same.”