Dave Thomas CES/T.H.E Show Report StereoTimes.com

“Easily the biggest surprise of the Show for me came from the Acoustic Zen/Red Dragon Audio room. I had heard all the whispers in the industry about a new Acoustic Zen loudspeaker called the Adagio but immediately blew it off by believing that Acoustic Zen chief Robert Lee was just trying his hand at building a loudspeaker. So when Frank Kraus of FLK Marketing, the distributor for Acoustic Zen, Red Dragon Audio, and others dragged me into the Acoustic Zen room at the end of the first day of the show, I was ready for his sales pitch. But coyly Frank sat quiet as he played the disc that I had been using in most of my listening, the soundtrack to the movie Space Cowboys [Malpaso/Warner Brothers]. This splendid disc features the classic Sinatra hit, Fly Me to the Moon that is reproduced with a tremendous amount of detail and jaw-dropping dynamics. Frank knew how good this system sounded and wanted an honest reaction from me without any guiding from him. Let me say this about this system: the Acoustic Zen speakers are gorgeous looking and a flat out steal and the attractively styled, ICEpower module-based Red Dragon Audio Leviathan monoblock amps are a must hear…”

quote taken from Dave Thomas’ CES/T.H.E Show 2006 Report StereoTimes.com