Chris Martens review – The Absolute Sound issue 166

“…the Leviathans offer an immediately likeable sound whose defining characteristics include effortless dynamics, rock-solid 3-D imaging, and smooth, mellifluous voicing…
Joseph Stalin once famously observed that ‘quantity has a quality all its own.’ Stalin’s comment comes to mind because the Red Dragons produce such copious quantities of power that they reproduce music – especially loud and complex passages – with a disarmingly graceful yet muscular dynamic ease…While the same observation perhaps applies to other good high-powered amplifiers, the Red Dragons bring extra measures of expansiveness and – where the music warrants – explosive immediacy to the table.
The Leviathans also produce vivid, three-dimensional images of almost sculptural solidity – a quality that became strikingly apparent on “Songbird” from the late Eva Cassidy’s Eva by Heart [Blixstreet]. I never had the privilege of hearing Ms. Cassidy in concert during her too-brief lifetime, but those whose have report being struck by hearing a huge, ethereal voice emanating from a comparatively petite person, and that is precisely the image Dragons conveyed on “Songbird”. Midrange is clear and articulate with a hint of almost tube-like lushness
…the Red Dragons command respect, not just because they’re powerful, but also because their smoothness, warmth, and dynamic ease give listeners the priceless gift of relaxation.” 

Chris Martens Review - The Absolute Sound issue 166