Bob Barret loves the Red Dragon Audio S500 Stereo Amp!

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Bob Barrett reviews the Red Dragon Audio S500 Stereo Amplifier for Home Theater Review


"The Red Dragon amps in stereo mode (and even more so in mono mode) have more than enough reserve power to accurately portray the staggering dynamics of this recording, and the extremely low noise floor of the S500 really became evident during the quietest passages, providing an almost eerie blackness. The low bass also came through with depth and clarity during the middle parts of the track, with the Red Dragons providing more than enough power to project a rock-solid bass foundation during those passages. The soundstage width and depth were only limited by the boundaries of the front wall and two side walls. The television voices in the background seemed to come at my listening chair from the sides. You might expect this from the 5.1 mix, but I was listening to the stereo mix. Plus, there were sounds that seemed to emanate from the surface of the front wall itself, five feet behind the speaker drivers. The visual portrayed by the extreme soundstage width and depth was similar to the experience of watching a 3D movie in an IMAX theater."