T.H.E. Show 2013 in Newport Beach California!

Posted by RED DRAGON on

Hey everyone we are going to be at T.H.E. Show Newport this year at the Atrium hotel - rooms 330 and 331.  There will be live music, food, wine tasting, cigars and a fine luxury automobile display.  This year T.H.E. Show Newport is even larger than last year with more audio rooms and exhibits to view.  If there is an audio show you should attend this year make it T.H.E. Show Newport!

Come listen to music in our rooms (The Atrium #330 & #331) where we will have raffles to give away some excellent prizes. 
We're going to be giving away a limited number of 20% discount cards for use in purchasing our highly acclaimed M500MkII monoblock amplifiers. 
We'll be featuring equipment from the following manufacturers in our rooms: 

  • Red Dragon Audio M1000MkII and M500MkII monoblock amplifiers
  • Modwright LS100 Preamp/Phono
  • Modwright modded Oppo 105 universal Bluray player
  • Durand Tonearms
  • Ortofon MC Anna & Windfield cartridges
  • PTP Audio direct drive turntable
  • Hanss Acoustics T-30 Turntable
  • HHG Stands Equipment Racks